University of London Distance Learning

The University of London Distance Learning is the oldest existing online education provider.

Andrew Bollington, Chief Operating Officer of the University of London International Program quoted, “We have been providing access to high-quality distance education for 150 year.” The University is the oldest existing distance learning provider.

It is a fact that for 150 years, graduates of the University of London have been provided their credentials through distance learning. This is made possible and successful through International Program where students are allowed to finish their courses wherever they may be.

It gives them a major advantage of being flexible because they can both attend to their family commitments, work and study as well. This is the best thing about distance learning! The University of London cater to the needs of people who struggle to manage their time, and students who are dreaming to finish a degree in London without having to live in London.

Why choose the University of London when there are thousands of distance-learning programs all over the world? It isn’t a new thing and definitely not an experiment because the University has been doing it for over 150 years.

It is in fact the world’s oldest distance learning provider and has been accessible to students all over the world since 1858. There are over 190 countries worldwide with students studying and finishing their degrees, getting diplomas and certificates.

There are 18 Colleges which became the basis of its international reputation and subjects range from Veterinary Science to Information Security to Law and Economics. All programs offered are actually developed by the Colleges of the University of London; the colleges are also in charge of preparing the materials needed for each curriculum. Wherever the students are located, they are assessed to the same high standard as those studying in London.

Just like with any other distance learning online, students get to be independent and flexible as opposed to having a face-to-face interaction with their teachers and being in a traditional classroom with the rest of the students.  University of London Distance Learning enables students to meet and discuss through online communication such as email and message boards. Students also are given the option to study for a full degree or study for individual modules depending on their capacity to meet both their personal and professional needs.

The University of London Distance Learning is also the first English institution to sign up to Coursera which is a US-based pioneer in terms of online courses.

Institutions such as Stanford, Princeton and University of Edinburgh have academic staff that teach free online courses that are being offered by Coursera so to be signed up to this makes it easier for students to conclude their decision making to join and become someone who can actually finish the courses online and gain a certificate.