Online Bachelor’s Degree

Two universities offering online bachelor’s degree are the Utah State University and Arizona State University.

Students trying to get an online bachelor’s degree is a great way to earn an education without having to attend classes at a fixed time but instead at their own time. Working students can also consider distance learning as a form of studying since they can choose a schedule not in conflict with their work. Even older students who have not completed their college course can avail of this online study program.

Utah State University

Utah State University (USU) offers very flexible online courses for bachelor’s degree which can fit into the schedule of anyone who desires to study online. The online courses offered by this university is either semester based, condensed or open entry all of which allow you to attend the courses on your desired time frame.

The usual semester based courses begin and ends with the rest of the traditional courses offered by this school while following all the semester dates, allowing the aspirants to study at home at a normal semester pace.

The condensed online courses of USU are also similar to the traditional semester based courses except for the four week or 7 week timeline. Students should log in every day so as to be part of different activities such as online discussions, group exercises.

Students are also required to finish all assignments at their specified dates. Meanwhile, the open entry online courses of USU permits the aspirants to start a course at nearly anytime they select after the initial day of the semester. Assignments can be accomplished by the students at their own pace but must keep in mind to finish the course within 16 weeks.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the pioneer universities to collaborate with Google in offering  their Apps for education such that you can access Google’s Calendar directly from the My ASU page. As an online student of ASU, there are many options for you in creating spreadsheets, documents and presentations and may take advantage of Google Drive.

A student must be prepared to study for 6 hours in each week on coursework for every 1 course credit within a 7.5 week session. ASU offers a very wide range of courses for you to get an online bachelor’s degree at reasonable tuition ranges with no additional program fees and regardless of residency status.