Associate Degree

An Associate Degree comes before a Bachelor’s degree. Here’s what you need to know when enrolling in associate degree online.

Online universities offer Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and even online certificate programs. This is how education and technology have evolved on-campus to online campus where professional degrees and certifications can be attained.

An Associate Degree comes before a Bachelor’s degree. So it seems logical to earn an Associate Degree first in preparation for the Bachelor’s Degree although this isn’t always the case. Because the decision will still be yours, it depends on what career or fields match your interest, abilities and skills.

There are distance learning universities offering a wide selection of courses online where the curriculum is actually premeditated and enhanced from the conventional to today’s innovative approach. Aspirations to finish Accounting, Business Administration, Communication, Computer Applications, Counter Terrorism Studies, Criminal Justice, Public Health, Retail Management, Paralegal Studies and a whole lot more are just a few of the online Associate Degrees in preparation for further study in the Bachelor’s Degree level but depending on what universities are offering.

Generally, there are 8 to 16-week courses available and luckily, you can find Universities online with no application fee, with book grants available and with a strong career and student support system.

What are the steps in enrolling in an Associate Degree online? Here is the usual step-by-step process an aspiring student need to go through:

Select the program you desire

You need to consider your forte since the key to ensure a productive educational experience is to choose the right degree plan. There are more than 190 online degrees and certificates to choose from and this means a lot of thinking before you decide.

Apply Online

Once you are 100% determined to pursue an associate degree, you must complete and finally submit the online application for admission. Have a list of your previous educational attainment and academic program handy because you will need to provide these to fill in needed information. A student ID and password will be given and will be used every time you log into the e-campus. Typically, the application process takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Complete the orientation

This usually takes 15-20 minutes. Just like enrolling in a conventional school, an online orientation is a must where academic and financial policies as well as Student Rights will be communicated to you. After finishing the orientation, you will be allowed to be admitted to the university that you desire.

After completing the steps above, a member of the enrollment team will either be sending an email or will give you a call regarding the associate degree or course you enrolled in and any other inquiries you may have.